Shahrzad Arshadi

Bio: Shahrzad Arshadi, a Montréal-based awards winning multidisciplinary artist, performer and social justice activist, came to Canada as a political refugee on December 24, 1983. In her artistic career Shahrzad has ventured into different fields of photography, documentary film, playwrite, sound creation and performance, enabling her focus on issues of memory, culture and human rights. Founding member and artistic director of Z Gallery, a multidisciplinary and community based artists organization.


1) “The Louise Garfield Award” 2020 presented by Nightwood Theater -Toronto / Ontario

2) “Little Prize” 2018, center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling-Concordia University, For Community-Based Oral History Performance and Creation.

3) Women of Distinction 2017 the Inspiration Award (Women’s Y Foundation)

4) Winner of the 19th International Galawej Cultural Festival 2015, Iraqi Kurdistan for “Dancing For Change” documentary.

Site Web:

photographs from Kurdistan, 8x10”, 2015

photographs from Kurdistan, 8x10”, 2018